1 discussion question 3

“The Eurotunnel Project” Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, assess the problems discussed in the chapter regarding the project partners.
  • Analyze the challenges the Eurotunnel project encountered and determine what recommendations you would suggest if you were the project manager.

After that please respond to these two classmates of mine with depth and refereneces:

1. Tamara Washington

The video from e-Activity is not available.

The collaboration appeared to have problems from the beginning from financial to constructional and relational. The intricate relationships caused unk unks and the contracts were lacking to deal with the combined effects of unk unks and conflicts of interest. The outward challenges were:

  • The two governments refused to give any guarantees to the banks, which inevitably increased their risk. The French government eventually did but the British government did not.
  • Once contract negotiation started TML would be responsible for only 30 percent of overruns on the tunneling works, and with only a small upper limit.
  • The project appear to be a financial risk so banks were cautious they placed an agreement in all loan agreements that required Eurotunnel to have enough cash on hand to pay for the entire project all the way to completion . Eurotunnel’s reserves fell short of money and the project stop for a month.
  • Issues between Eurotunnel and TML over optimization
  • Safety problems with IGC.

As a PM to help resolve or manage the issues the task definition would be stated clearly too all parties to help explain the goal of the project and what each sides brings to accomplish their part. I also believe that the collaboration should established mutual agreed upon shared process. The understanding of roles and procedure would have fashioned the two government come together to give the banks the security they needed for the work of the project.

During contract negotiation all affected individuals in should be able to state all issues as well as input and allowing them to refute the merits of one another’s ideas and assumptions this would have help TML understand the project was a joint effort and both groups want the same end goal. More important it would help TML come to term that Eurotunnel was the owner of the operating license and was formally the project owner.

Contract Flexibility would have been stress because uncertainties did challenge the collaboration. The contract did not entail a way to handle actions or results. Eurotunnel and TML were in total disagreement on how to interpret the concept of optimization. Part of the contract stated,” a provision of the original contract that stipulated the achievement of the “best balance between capital cost [which TML wanted to minimize] and operating costs [which Eurotunnel wanted to control].” It would have been a good idea to put a dispute resolution mechanism in the contract.

Mutual expectations and compatible goals would have been a must in collaboration. This is an understanding do my part to help complete the task. Eurotunnel did not hold up there end of the deal there reserves fell short of money and the project stop for a month.

As a PM safety should part of the process, “Effective stakeholder engagement in the planning process is an important part of all projects. Occupational health, safety, and the environment (HSE) should be key components of the planning process – and these stakeholders should be a major part of the planning process. In the business analysis side of project management, many of these items should be planned into the bid process – so hidden costs of HSE don’t creep into projects during the project planning.”

Bulger, R. A. (2013). Integrating project management and safety management. Paper presented at PMI® Global Congress 2013—North America, New Orleans, LA. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute

2. Shauna Brown

Hello Class –

The idea for this tunnel was resurrected in 1984, after a least 26 previous schemes, the first in 1802 and the last in 1978, had fallen through. Some challenges the project faced was it took approximately 20% longer, 6 years instead of 5 years. It came in 80% over budget. The specifications for the tunnel were changed, air conditioning systems were needed to improve safety. Communication between British and French teams. Another aspect of the projects forecast were that alot of revenue was projected to come from driving the existing ferry operators out of business.

My recommendations as a PM, I would start out by developing standardized work flows that everyone can understand and follow. This is key for consistently hitting goals. Choose Partners for the competences they contribute. It is commonplace for project contractors and partners to be chosen based on price. With a project of this size we will face complexity. I would also advise that uncertainty is both a reality and challenge. Risk will occur but have a Risk Management Plan in place. With this plan in place, create a risk register. This register will become essential as it records identified risks along with action steps to be taken. It can be a simple document, spreadsheet or a database system.




Loch, C., Demeyer, A., Pich, M., Managing the Unknown

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