10 multiple question

  1. During the 1920s in the United States, large corporations began to employ a new strategy toward labor, known collectively as __________.

a.welfare capitalism




2.Which industry helped transform the city of Houston from a railroad town into a bust metropolis?


b.oil refining



3.Until the end of World War I, the chemical manufacturer Du Pont had specialized primarily in _____________.



c.paints and dyes

d.celluloid products

4.The chief executive of General Motor in 1927 was ____________.

a.Henry Ford

b.Charles Dawes

c.Alfred P. Sloan

d.Herbert Hoover

5.How did consumer- based industries change the everyday lives of Americans?

a.By relying on American raw materials only, they helped boost American agriculture and mining industries.

b.By paying higher wages to their workers, they made it possible for more Americans to afford the goods they produced.

c.By committing themselves to through self-regulation, they assured the safety of American consumers.

d.Canning, chemicals, synthetics, and plastics allowed for new mass-marketed products.

6.Hoover called his concept of a government that would encourage voluntary cooperation among corporations, workers, farmers, and small businessmen the ______________.

a.“corporate state”

b.“ night- watchman state”

c.“nanny state”

d.“associative state”

7.Which sectors of American industry suffered during the 1920s?

a.oil and gas, and automobiles

b.automobiles and textiles

c.citrus and coal mines

d.coal mines and textiles

8.Who reportedly told a visitor shortly after assuming his new position,” l knew that this job would be too much for me”?

a.Herbert Hoover

b.Calvin Coolidge

c.Woodrow Wilson

d.Warren G. Harding

9.By 1929, the balance of international trade in the U.S. economy reported a __________.

a.trade deficit of $8 billion

b.trade surplus of $8 billion

c.trade surplus of $8 million

d.trade deficit of $ 8 million

10.Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon tried to promote general economic growth by ____________.

a. increasing the inheritance tax

b. cutting taxes on income and corporate profits

c. setting minimum- wage rates

d. increasing public spending

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