12 15 pg research paper for theology

complete information listed below


The paper is to be double spaced, left justified, one inch margins, written in Times New Roman 12.
The paper is to be 12-15 pages long.
Pages should be numbered.
References to sources are to be made using the same format throughout the paper. Most students are accustomed to MLA. The key to success in this aspect of the project is consistency.
There is to be a “Works Cited” section at the end of the paper (not included in the 12-15 page length) that indicates primary and secondary sources actually referenced in the body of the paper.


Both primary (the Bible, ancient writings, apocryphal gospels, etc.) and secondary sources (books, articles about the primary sources) are to be used.
There is a minimum of six sources required. The required texts may be used but these do not count as one of the six research sources.
Both books and articles should be utilized as secondary sources for this project.
Internet sources must be drawn from the Hannon Library Libguides. The ATLA Religion database is a good resource.

Ideas For Topics
Topics chosen for this paper are to be related to the New Testament. The following list contains suggestions and is not exhaustive. Each element (not each category) represents one possible topic.

An aspect of the historical milieu of the gospels
-Greco-Roman Culture
-Life in first century Galilee or Judea
-Life in one or more of the cities which Paul visited
The historical context of a gospel
-Who was the writer?
-To whom did he write?
-The situation: How does the gospel reflect what was going on in that community?
Women in early Christianity
-Mary the mother of Jesus
-Mary Magdalene
-Pricilla, Lydia, Pheobe
The Apocryphal Gospels: the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Philip
The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Canonical Gospels
-A literary-historical study of a gospel
-A redactional study of a gospel in comparison to another
-A comparative study of a gospel in comparison to another
-A thematic study of one or more of the gospels
-A study of the parables or of a parable
-A study of the birth narratives
-A study of the passion narratives
-A study of one story in the canonical gospels that interests you

The Epistles of Paul
-A study of the life of Paul the Apostle
-A study of an epistle
-Pauline theological themes
-Who is God? (Theology)
-Who is Christ Jesus? (Christology)
-Who and what is the Church? (Ecclesiology)
-Paul’s attitude towards women
-Early Christian Pauline house churches

The Book of Revelation
-The historical situation of the author and community
-The meaning of various symbols and images
-Theological/Christological themes (e.g. the Lamb)
-Jewish Apocalyptic

-Divorce and remarriage in New Testament perspective
-New Testament texts dealing with homosexuality
-War and peace in New Testament teaching

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