13 english homework questions beowulf 2000

Canto 22 (Lines 1475-1555) Question #1: How is Grendel’s mother a very different and more formidable foe than her son? How would you explain this difference? What Anglo-Saxon perception of the genders is revealed here? 


Canto 23 (Lines 1557-1650) Question #2: How does Beowulf defeat Grendel’s mother? Why is this ironic?


Canto 24 (Lines 1655-1735) Question #3: Review Lines 1710-1725. What is a good king? How is Hermod a failure? 


Canto 24 (Lines 1655-1735) Question #4: Review Lines 1730-1735. Hrothgar outlines the dangers of power. What are they? 


Canto 25-26 (Lines 1740-1885) Question #5: How does Hrothgar confirm Beowulf’s extraordinary intelligence and perfection as a potential king? Might this frighten the king to whom he will return? Why? 


Canto 27 (Lines 1890-1960) Question #6: Compare Higlac’s queen, Higd to Thrith. What does this reveal about the Anglo-Saxon ideal criteria for women. What is their moral role? What changed Thrith?


Canto 28 (Lines 1965-2140) Question #7: What trouble does Beowulf see for Hrothgar in the near future? How does Beowulf’s perception of this throw more light on the Anglo-Saxon view of women? 


Canto 31 (Lines 2145- 2220) Question #8: Review Lines 2165-2170. How is Hrothgar’s recognition of Beowulf’s greatness borne out in these lines? How do we know Beowulf will not be a victim of Hermod’s “disease”? How do the above lines reflect an early and developing criterea for honor in British literature?  


Canto 31 (Lines 2145- 2220) Question #9: What surprising information does the poet provide on Beowulf’s early childhood years. What his potential recognized by the Geats? 


Canto 31 (Lines 2145- 2220) Question #10: This section ends with a horrendous turn for Beowulf’s reign. How is the dragon’s terror ironic


Canto 35 (Lines 2460-2595) Question #11: How does Beowulf “repay” Dagref for Higlac’s death? What does this reveal about his character? 


Canto 35 (Lines 2460-2595) Question #12: Review Lines 2587-2591. How does Beowulf face death? What is the poet asking us to consider? 


Canto 35 (Lines 2460-2595) Question #13: Review the final lines of this section. What must any good man always remember? What Anglo-Saxon “article of faith” do these lines suggest? Why would this be important to a Geat or Dane?


Instructions For Answering These Questions: Answer with a short simple to the point answer (2-3 sentences at most should be enough) and add a short quote from the book supporting the answer at the end. 



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