2 06 creating an outline

Research Graphic Organizer

Write your outline about the Effectiveness of Advertising in the space provided below. Include previous sections into this document before submitting this Research Graphic Organizer.

Here is my previous section, my thesis statement: The most paramount thing in any business or organization is the ability to create and access a channel through which they can access their customers. Advertisement is the best and the most effective way of gaining such access. Advertisement is the way through which a business implements creativity, talent, and technology to get to their potential customers either emotionally or physically. It can be done in many ways such as video/TV advertisement, voice/radio advertisement, print media, social media (online) and referrals. The type of target audience determines the kind of advertisement they will attract. Businesses have to advertise in one way or the other. An advertisement is supposed to translate to overall sales and revenues for the business. Through advertisement, the organization connects to its clients and consequently develops a gap that the potential customers need to fill through purchases. It is an important business stage that is important to the customer, the business and the society at large. Advertisement is the backbone of any organization intending to generate sales and revenues from their operations within their market segments and it is a combination of talent, technology, realistic advertisement and creativity to which the organization should establish a great deal of importance.

Choose a topic: Technology; Sports Equipment; Clothing; Food

Questions to research: Are advertisements aimed at teenagers effective? And, are they ethical?

My Response:

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