2 seperate essays

1) One of the options below must be chosen and the essay will need to follow the selection. This essay must be 1000-1500 words. APA formatted and only reference the material, which will be provided later.

You may select from one of the following prompts:

  • Both Nietzsche and Marx believe that the actualization of the human essence, and thus self-realization, are accomplished through creative activity, yet both reckon that most people are prevented from achieving this and thereby living meaningful lives. Present their diagnoses of this situation and briefly sketch their solution to this problem.
  • What does it mean to live a meaningful life? Explore this question from the contrasting perspectives of Nietzsche and Marx. Which position do you think to be closer to the truth about your life? Provide a reason for your answer.
  • Imagine a conversation between Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Marx. What would be their points of agreement and disagreement? Do you think that the differences between them could be resolved? Why or why not?
  • Both Nietzsche and Marx maintain that human beings are estranged or alienated from their true natures. Present their contrasting accounts of how this situation has come about, and sketch their solution the common problem they address.

2) 1200-1500 word essay required for the below. APA formatted and only reference the material, which l will be provided later.

Select an historical event and evaluate it from the perspective of the three different types of historical methods Nietzsche outlines in On the Use and Abuse Of History for Life. Your analysis should highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each historical approach. In your conclusion, please discuss how you feel this event could be interpreted in a meaningful way. How might this historical event be interpreted in keeping with Nietzsche’s plea that we employ history for the purpose of serving life rather than merely the past?

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