2500 words of sociological research paper abt ai

You will be writing a final research paper on the topic that I state on below. The final research paper should be 2000-2500 words (not including References section), which is approximately 8-10 pages, double-spaced. You should write the paper using Times New Roman 12-point font, page-numbered. Throughout the paper you should use simple citation (Author, Year) and include the long form of the citation in the References section.


Note:You must write on the topic:

The future benefits and losses that AI or IoT would bring to the American society, and the completely different way of lifestyle for people in the United States with “Basic Income,” because of them, in the future.

The final research proposal should include the following elements:

Title Page: AI and IoT bring the future of lifestyle with Basic Income

Introduction: Briefly explain the social issue that you are trying to study. What do you intend to study, and why is increasing knowledge in this area important? What is the social significance of this topic? Why is now a good time to study this topic? What are the key research questions? Why would qualitative and field research methods be the right approach? (2-3 pages)

Also, the thesis statement would be the following:

Would AI steal jobs from us in the future? Could AI take our hobbies in the future? Recently, Artificial Intelligence(AI) won a game of chess from a pro gamer, and AI can drive and control our vehicles even if roads were in the traffic. Although it helps us living way more convenient, it also take our way of living gradually. It means that we won’t be able to make our money to live as well. Thus, we need a plan of Basic Income(BI) to get every one of us to keep gaining money from the country, and we will find the way to maintain the way of BI to corporate with AI.

*this thesis statement could be changed a little if you may.

Literature Review: Discuss academic articles related to your study. What has already been written on the topic? How does your study fit in with previous research and theory in the area? These articles can connect to similar areas of research and similar methodological approaches. One of the cited articles should be a case study (or optional study) from this course. (2-3 pages)

*You should pick one or more articles attached below for a case study material.

Discussion: Whereas the Literature Review gives an overview of the types of research being done on the social issue that you chose to research, the Discussion is bringing these elements together into an argument (thesis) about this topic. The best way to go about discussing and arguing a point is to answer some key questions: Why is this topic relevant right now (versus in the past or future)? What groups are paying attention to this topic and driving the discussion? What solutions are being proposed to address a specific social problem? Which of those makes the most sense? Who wins and who loses? How will addressing (or solving) this problem affect American society? What are the larger issues at stake? What are the issues that may not seem obvious at first? What is the most important thing that you want your reader to walk away with after reading this paper? (3-4 pages)

Conclusion: Re-state the most important elements of your research and remind readers of your argument (thesis). Try to “look forward” as to the sociological importance of this topic in the years to come. Make your paper seem relevant and important to the reader. (1/2 – 1 page)

Miscellaneous: In the Appendix (at the end of the paper) include any graphs, tables, photograph, artwork, etc. Students are required to include at least one “visual” in the Appendix and a reference to that visual somewhere in the paper.

References: Include a list of references of citation included in the research proposal. Use APA style. Focus on high-quality, peer-reviewedreferences. If possible, avoid using secondary sources, especially news articles and textbooks.

You have to use the topic and title that I stated above in the context.

You must include one or more case study articles that I attached as files below.

You should use sources listed below, but you can use others as well.

You should follow the rubric attached as a file below as well please.

The sources you might use:

Kaplan, J. (2015). Humans need not apply: a guide to wealth and work in the age of artificial

intelligence. New Haven: Yale University Press.

MERCHANT, B. (2018). ONE DEVICE: the secret history of the iphone. S.l.: LITTLE,


Segal, A. (2017). The hacked world order: how nations fight, trade, maneuver, and

manipulate in the digital age. New York, NY: PublicAffairs.

Rodriguez, J. (2015). Fundamentals of 5G mobile networks. Chichester, West Sussex, United

Kingdom: Wiley.

Sheahen, A. (2016). Basic income guarantee: your right to economic security. Place of

publication not identified: Palgrave Macmillan.

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