3 4 page paper on racism black liberation anti racist justice


Every other week, select a person, entity, event, or place from the assigned reading. Also, select a related primary source, i.e., newspaper article, photo, song, cartoon, etc. from the time period under investigation. Using the assigned reading and primary source, discuss how the person, entity, event, or place you chose illuminates the historical circumstances, viewpoints regarding, and/or issues undergirding black liberation and anti-racist justice struggles.

the reading:

·Introduction: Peace in the struggle pg. 1-14

·Chapter 5: the war on poverty: Emergence of an organic intellectual pp. 117-144

3 – 4 pages

·have to cite sources MLA format

access and view, or download the full reading here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1478kKntwSjG4fD8ww…

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