3 page biographical essay on a physchologist

Prepare a biographical essay on one of the following psychologists:

  • B. F. Skinner
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Abraham Maslow
  • Carl Rogers
  • Carl Jung
  • Erik Erikson

For whichever selected, give a brief history of his life (birthplace, education, etc.), a summary of his major contributions, and an evaluation of his role in the history of psychology.


  • All projects will be written in APA format.
  • For all of the projects, you will need a References page with at least four sources in addition to your textbook (meaning that you need a total of 5 sources for this assignment).

I will add the textbook reference but i will need this paper to be comprised of 4 other sources. Please write this paper in good English. Not broken English. This paper is 3 pages double spaced and also needs a title page and reference page.

Below is the grading criteria for this paper.

Project Four: Biography

APA Format (25)

Five Sources (25)

3 – 5 Pages (25)

Spelling/Grammar (25)

History of Individual’s Life (75)

Summery of Major Contributions (100)

Evaluation of Role in History of Psychology (100)

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