7 9 slides on mobility marketing with recommendations and notes

Rosa was impressed with your initial paper about social media and mobility marketing. She wonders if using social media and mobility marketing is important for her existing customers or if it could attract new customers. You have agreed to put together a brief presentation and hold a meeting with her to discuss how consumers are different and how they behave differently when using the Internet, social media, and mobility devices. You also plan to make some specific recommendations on strategies that Rosa can use for existing and new customers. For this task, you should complete the following:

  • Prepare a presentation of 7–9 slides.
  • Define the purposes of segmentation and targeting.
  • Based on the scenario, identify demographic characteristics of business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) consumers and their media habits.
  • Recommend at least 4 strategies for reaching and building relationships with customers and prospects.
  • Should Rosa add a blog or a product and service review to the Web site? Why or why not?

The slides should be organized as follows:

  • Slide 1: Title slide
  • Slide 2: Define segmentation and targeting, and discuss the importance of these concepts to marketers.
  • Slides 3 and 4: Identify demographic characteristics and media habits of B2C and B2B consumers.
  • Slides 5 and 6: Recommend at least 4 strategies for reaching and building relationships with customers and prospects.
  • Slide 7: Discuss the pros and cons of blogging.
  • Slide 8: State your conclusions and recommendations for Rosa.
  • Slide 9: Show references used in making the presentation.

The slides should contain bulleted information. Use the speaker’s notes feature for each slide to show what you would say as you make your presentation to Rosa. Each slide should have 50–100 words in the speaker’s notes.

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