7 stock issues 1

Creating and Answering the 7 Stock Issues for a Claim of Policy ( I’ll send the seven stock issues of a policy claim).

The skill of asking useful questions is crucial in analyzing any claim and making a decision. In this assignment I want to make sure you know how to analyze a claim. To do this I am giving you a claim and asking you to:

  • Create seven issues, one for each of the Stock Issues of a Claim of Policy.
  • Answer those issues by creating a contention

Remember to follow the guidelines for effective issues, like making them specific, only one question per issue etc.

For example, your answer regarding the fourth stock issue of a policy claim “Can the problem be fixed within the system?” might be,

  • Issue: “Can gun safety be improved by enforcing current laws?”
  • Contention. “Yes, gun safety can be improved by enforcing current laws.”

Just do this for each of the seven stock issues.

Claim: The Federal Government should implement additional laws on gun control.

We haven’t talked about research yet, but here is a hint: Google, “gun control” and you will see articles that will inspire your creation of issues.

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