87 2 follow the requirements to write 250 words discussion

Follow the requirements to write 250 words discussion.


Note: In this and future discussion board posts, you may want or need to cite some outside sources in order to develop your response. Remember that proper citation practice includes knowing the best ways to quote and paraphrase your sources. To avoid improper citations and possible plagiarism, check out the links in the Writing Help Center to aid you in distinguishing between proper and improper use of source materials.

Look through your own refrigerator or pantry and find one item that has a label that tells you where it comes from. Answer the following questions:

1. What is the food item and where does it come from?

2. How do you think the growing, processing, packaging, and/or shipping of that food item affects the environment?

3. In general, is the origin of your food (and how the origin of your food affects the environment) something that you think about when you are shopping for it? Why or why not?

To receive the full 15 points for your original discussion post, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

Discussion posts must be 100-200 words and be written in complete sentences and use correct grammar (i.e. no abbreviations or emoticons allowed) [2 pts].

Have an interesting or provocative title (so that other students will want to read your post and respond) [1 pt].

Appear in a new thread in response to the original discussion question posed to the class. [1 pt].

Address all parts of the original question posed [11 pts].

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