a comparison of key models in health informatics

To prepare:

  • Review the four research models covered in this week’s Learning Resources. (posted below)
  • Consider the key points of each and when they would be the most appropriate choice for an evaluation.

To complete this Assignment:

  • Create graphic representations of the four models, including descriptions of each overall model, key components, who was involved in their development, key ways they have been used, and potential uses in health informatics.
  • These representations will be for your use in your upcoming course project, so the greater the detail, the more useful these representations will be to you.
  • Potential formats could include but are not limited to tables, mind maps, Venn diagrams, or concept maps.

Use these resources:

Technology Acceptance Model

1. Kowitlawakul, Y. (2011). The Technology Acceptance Model: Predicting nurses’ intention to use telemedicine technology (eICU). Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 29(7), 411–418.

2. Pai, F.-Y., & Huang, K. (2011). Applying the Technology Acceptance Model to the introduction of healthcare information systems. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 78(4), 650–660.

3. Rippen, H. E., Pan, E. C., Russell, C., Byrne, C. M., & Swift, E. K. (2013). Organizational framework for health information technology. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 82(4), e1–e13.

4. Mohamed, A. H., Tawfik, H. M., Al-Jumeily, D., & Norton, L. (2011). MoHTAM: A Technology Acceptance Model for mobile health applications. Developments in E-systems Engineering (DeSE) Conference, 13–18.

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