academic scholarship

Academic scholarship

Assignment directions

Part I: Using academic scholarly research, find an article that addresses an ethical dilemma from the past five years and annotate it thoroughly.

Once you find the article, address the following:

  1. What are the key points to the article?
  2. Summarize the dilemma.
  3. What are the key terms of the article?
  4. What conflicts or controversies does it raise?
  5. Where can you offer analysis or an original point of view?

Part II: Once you have a handle on the article and your reaction to the issues it raises, use it as a foundation to :

  1. Create your own 2-4 paragraph “dilemma.
  2. Apply Kant’s Categorical Imperative to the problem you invent.
  3. Apply any other method you have encountered in lecture material and the readings.
  4. State which method you prefer and why.

The paper should be 3 pages. You MUST provide the source of the foundation dilemma, and thus this paper will require 1 reference using at least 1 correct in-text citation (indicating quoted or paraphrased material from the article and where to locate it). Use APA format in citing the source.

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