Review the following Web resource:

Getting Ready for Accountable Care Organizations from this link:

Complete a detailed case study analysis of the given case, using the template with instructions attached.

Where not all pertinent information is given in the case itself, search for that information through scholarly resources by a Web search for the required information. Note: Do not search for information beyond the date of the case.

Present your detailed case study analysis report in a Microsoft Word document, formatted in the headings in the attached template.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Key Issues: Key issues are complete and clearly explained.


Situational Analysis

External environment analysis includes detailed service area competitive analysis.


Internal environment analysis includes strengths and weaknesses with respect to resources, competencies, and capabilities.


Directional strategies are defined.


Strategy Formulation: Adaptive, market entry, and competitive strategies are developed and supported with rationale.


Expressed ideas clearly in writing, used appropriate visual presentation of data, and presented the case study analysis report in the specified format.


Applied the correct APA style, usage, grammar, and punctuation.




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