“American Horizons book second edition book by Michael Schiller”  answer 10 multiple choice questions and from the lecture the World War ll and the American Culture.

Luce, and historians in general for that matter, would say World War II starts even earlier than that, and that it did not start in Europe, but in China.  The year it begins in today’s narrative is 1931, simultaneous to the events we have been discussing in the past two weeks.

The conflict starts in Manchuria, aregion of northern China rich in resources.  This is where it all begins for the Japanese. 

There are many reasons for starting here, and geography and mineral deposits have much to with it.  Japan is an island.  The country wanted to build ships, but it doesn’t have the raw materials to build them.

The militarists—believing that spending on armaments would lift Japan out of the worldwide depression–wanted to build airplanes, but they didn’t have the fuel deposits to get them off the ground. 

Everything the country needed to build an offensive war machine, which would be steel, oil, coal, rubber–the same resources that fueled America’s economic growth at the beginning of the 20th century–needed to be imported.

Japan needed a resource rich area to exploit in order to build its war machine.  It was not just Japan, but also the Germans who recognized that China was resource rich.

The Germans offered to give the Chinese Army military training and advisors in exchange for natural resources from China, specifically, the mineral tungsten.

During the war, there was a worldwide shortage because China’s economy was disrupted.  The country was home to over half the world’s supply, but the destruction wrought by the Japanese put production to a standstill.

In the 20th century, mankind had created many modern marvels of technology that were good for killing people.

We talked about how automobiles changed American lift.  But new weapons changed the face of warfare, making it productive on an industrial scale.

Submarines had been perfected, mounted with torpedoes, and could sink enemy ships in stealth.

Airplanes, meant to transport humans, were mounted with cannons, bombs, and rockets, and fought in the air, but could also drop bombs on cities and people on the ground.

Machine guns could not be handheld.  Tanks, the distant overbearing cousin of the farm tractor, would be mounted with heavy cannons and shielded by inches of armor plate.

This is where Tungsten came in.  It was used to create armor piercing shells that could shatter heavy armor, specifically that of tanks.  How would this destroy a tank?  ILLUSTRATE WITH LASER POINTER

Why did I take the time to illustrate this?  What is the point?

The slow building up of the forces of the Axis powers, and the eventual unleashing of their war machines upon the world, was supported with the ores and natural resources from China and other regions for a decade prior before the United States got involved militarily.

Today we are going to discuss World War II and American culture.  How did the war impact people’s lives?  How did American culture change because of it?  How were women impacted?

Let’s pick up with the American century.  Luce obviously wants people to get involved in it.  The whole thing has a serious tone… but at least on February 17, 1941, it’s a hollywood party!!!

Luce is absolutely correct in his article, the United States is untouched by war but in the war.  He argues the United States has interests in shaping the war’s outcome if American values are going to ultimately prevail. 

They need to prevail according to him.

His article did not make the United States go to war.  Luce probably would say a higher power drew the United States into war after a decade of isolationism.

You see, conflicts had broken out across the world.

Usually, the dates given for World War II are between 1939-1941.  For the United States, the war begins in 1941 when the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.  For Great Britain and France, it begins in 1939.

Some people say it starts in 1937 when the Italians invade Ethiopia.  Others would say it begins when the Germans march through Europe and annex Austria and Czechoslovakia.

Luce would probably say that the war started even earlier then that.  Where would he start it?

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Question 1
10 pts

How did most Germans feel about the Treaty of Versailles?

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Question 2
10 pts

Which of the following was one of Roosevelt’s early noncontroversial foreign policy initiatives?

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Question 3
10 pts

When did Japan seize Manchuria?

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Question 4
10 pts

What date do historians agree World War II started?

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Question 5
10 pts

What was referred to as a the “Arsenal of Democracy?”

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Question 6
10 pts

Which of the following assured Adolf Hitler’s doom more than any other single factor?

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Question 7
10 pts

Which countries bore the brunt of Allied losses in World War II

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Question 8
10 pts

How did World War II end for Germany?

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Question 9
10 pts

What was the Manhattan Project?

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Question 10
10 pts

On what issue did President Franklin Roosevelt and the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill disagree?

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