analysis of film

After watching this film, Combine the textbook content and then write the analysis

( The only secondary sources allowed to support your answer is the textbook:FILMANALYSIS: A Norton Reader)

Double space – Font size 12 –

  • Narrative structure, cinematography, and sound in Citizen Kane

2½ to 3 pages max. (240 Points)

In his essay on Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 1941), James Naremore qualifies the film as “[…] a powerful example of film art. On a purely formal level, the picture is important for many reasons, among them its ingenious juggling of time and perspective, its carefully designed sound track, and its influential use of wide-angle, deep-focus photography” (322).

Explain each of these “reasons,” or elements of Welles’s filmmaking, evoked by Naremore. What are these specific film strategies Welles implements and how do they contribute to the telling of the story and the development of the director’s vision and main commentary?

In other words, focusing on the narrative structure and on specific techniques of sound and cinematography, explain how Welles uses them and the particular effects and meanings they create.

Illustrate your explanations with the close analysis of 3 or 4 precise scenes.

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