answer a question based on an excerpt

Psychoanalyst and anthropologist Michael Maccoby wrote a book titled “The Gamesman.” The title “Gamesman” was chosen to fit a narcissistic personality (in any field or profession, not just athletics) who engages in a perpetual, no-holds-barred fight “to get to the top,” regardless of the consequences to others.

Based on his research, Maccoby described the typical “gamesman” toward the end life:

“An old and tiring gamesman is a pathetic figure, especially after he has lost a few contests, and with them, his confidence. Once his youth, vigor, and even the thrill of winning are lost, he becomes depressed and goalless, questioning the purpose of his life. No longer energized by the . . . struggle and unable to dedicate himself to something he believes in beyond himself . . . he finds himself starkly alone. His attitude has kept him from deep friendship and intimacy. Nor has he sufficiently developed abilities that would strengthen the self, so that he might gain satisfaction from understanding (science) or creating (invention, art). Without the thrill of the contest, there is nothing.”

Question for you to answer: Using the excerpt above, what values and habits are you developing now to help you avoid this kind of outcome in your life? Please explain.(APA Citation)

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