anthropology questions 5

Remember to explain each aspect of the question and include examples. Answer questions in essay format (paragraph form)

1.Describe the features that Old World monkeys, apes, and humans have in common which confirm that they share more recent common ancestry with each other than they do with New World monkeys and prosimians.

2.Primates are among the most endangered of Earth’s creatures, and anthropologists who study them have played key roles in efforts to save them. What threats do primates face?

3. What are the major difficulties that arise in trying to interpret the hominin fossil record? How do these difficulties lead to conflicting interpretations of human evolution?

4.What are the most significant features of the split between the australopithecines and Homo? How does environmental specialization figure into the equation? What about cultural adaptation?

5. Discuss the major anatomical differences between the australopithecines and H. erectus.

6.How has molecular genetics affected our recent understanding of human evolution?

7. What is a vertical economy? Why is this concept significant in the history of domestication and food production?

8. How did the first states come to be formed? What kinds of societies evolved into states? What factors played important roles in the rise of the first states?

9.How are chiefdoms different from states? How do archaeologists distinguish between the two?

10.Why do states collapse? How have the models archaeologists use to understand the process of collapse changed over time?

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