application vocational career self assessment

Application: Vocational/Career Self-Assessment

As you begin this course in vocational psychology and counseling, as with any endeavor where you will be working closely with clients and colleagues, e.g., during practicum and internship experiences, it is a good idea to enhance your own self-awareness in the area as well as expose yourself to some of the tools of the trade. Thus, you will take a personality self-assessment (Self-Directed Search) and receive a report that interprets the results. You will also be introduced to the Walden University Career Services Center, and conduct your own self-assessment of your strengths. You will reflect on insights you gained as a result of taking these self-assessments and learning about the Career Center.

To prepare for this assignment:

  • Think about what you might learn about yourself as a result of taking a self-assessment inventory in the area of vocational/career counseling/development at this stage of your life.
  • There is a free version of the Self Directed Search online at:
  • Take the survey.
  • Review the report you get back. Do you think the interpretation is mostly accurate? In what ways? If not, why not? What insights did you have?

View the 15-minute Walden Career Services Video entitled “Self Knowledge Tools to Enhance Your Competitive Edge,” found at

Then complete at least one of the self-assessments of strengths mentioned in the video (SWOT is free; SkillScan and StrengthFinder have nominal fees associated with them).

Summarize your results, and consider what was most valuable about the self-assessment of strengths exercise.

Think about a client taking such inventories. What role do you think a counselor might play in terms of helping a client interpret and deal with the results of the inventories?

The assignment: (2–3 pages)

  • Write a synthesis of the findings from the self-assessments that you took (both the SDS and the strengths self-assessments recommended by the Walden Career Center)
  • Describe your reactions to each. If you were in a counseling setting, what kind of support or response might you want from your counselor given your reaction?
  • Report on what you found to be most valuable about completing the self-assessments and being introduced to the Walden Career Center.
  • Discuss how you might apply these tools with clients who are interested in launching a career search.

Support your Application assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list only for those resources not included in the Learning Resources for this course.

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