applied statistics module 3

Module overview:

Beyond a Best Guess: Adding Precision With Confidence Intervals

Inferential statistics focuses on two main ideas: estimation and hypothesis testing. Estimation calculates a numeric “point estimate” and also includes a measure of precision of that estimate. Module Two covered the application of the normal distribution to data samples. This module continues that process by first focusing on obtaining estimates of population proportions and population means and then determining the precision of those estimates by constructing and interpreting confidence intervals.

Assignment, 14 questions:

Complete the Module Three problem set in MyStatLab. See Instructor Tips in MyStatLab for video solutions for select problems. In the Module Three problem set, video solutions are available for problem numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and 13.

Click on the MyStatLab link on the left-side navigation to access this resource. You are allowed unlimited attempts to complete this assignment. (I will give access to the successful tutor)

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