Applying Key Skills Discussion questions

Applying Key Skills” Please respond to the following: ENG 215 English & Writing course

  • Describe the key skills you learned in this course.
  • Explain how you expect to use those skills in your future academic, personal, and / or professional life.
  • Recommend two (2) strategies for college students to improve their writing skills and prepare for professional careers. 

Please respond to the following:

In a global organization, which HR practice do you believe would be most useful to the employees? Please discuss only one (1) HR practice. Please support your answer by using a recent article or scholarly journal. Please provide the link(s) to your recent article.

Please view the YouTube video entitled “Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career” by Larry Smith, an economics professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada.  For extra credit (up to 62 points or 5% of total points you can earn for this class), please review the video and share with the class the following: 

1. Identify one thing you have learned from the video as it relates to you and your goals. 

2.  What recommendations would you share with an expatriate as an International HR Manager that would help them become motivated about an expatriate assignment based on what you have learned from the video?

3.  Which one (one topic only please) of the topics in this class was most inspiring (or at least most interest you) in pursuing a career as an International Human Resources professional.  Please explain why. 


Smith, L. (2011, November). Larry Smith: Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career. Retrieved from

Looking Back” Please respond to the following: BUS 409 (Compensation Mgt)

  • Determine the single most important or surprising thing you learned in this course, as well as what made it so.
  • Looking back on the content of this course, determine which element of compensation management would be the most difficult for execute correctly. Discuss ways that you may be able to address these difficulties.

Looking Ahead” Please respond to the following: BUS 409 (Compensation Mgt)

  • Determine the best way that three major concepts you learned in this course could be applied or recognized in organizations. 3-conceps I learned are –Goal Setting, Strategy Formation, Strategy Monitoring)
  • Predict what major issues will be at the forefront of compensation management 20 years from now. Provide your rationale.

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