Arguing a position essay

This essay will focus on an issue being debated in your current career field or intended career field. You will have to conduct research to gather information on the sides of the issue and you will have to choose a side to defend. You must use four sources for this essay. One of those sources has to be a primary source (meaning you must conduct a personal interview or gather data from a survey that you create and distribute.) Of the other three sources, two must come from the FSCJ library database and one must be a reliable source from the internet. You will have to properly cite any source you utilize in your essay in MLA. The final draft of your essay must be 1200 words and roughly no more than 30% will be cited material. The majority of information in your essay must be your own thoughts and ideas. This is a formal essay with an academic audience, so you must stay in third person.


My essay to be about Radiology Technician

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