artcle summary 3

this is what the professor said :

  • A scholarly, scientific article has a hypothesis and evidence, and has been published in an academic journal. I very strongly suggest that you check with me first to confirm that the articles you find are scientific.
  • Choose articles based on your research question, not based on what you think your case studies might be. (For example: if you are really interested in terrorists in China, find articles about insurgencies and terrorist groups generally; if you are really interested in corruption in Tawain, find articles about corruption generally.)
  • In about two pages per article describe, as precisely as possible, the following:
    • the research question
    • the hypothesis (my hypothis about the artcle )
    • the key independent variables
    • the dependent variable
    • the units of observation
    • the findings and conclusion

my research question is why do some rich countries have strict air pollution than others? and i choice to compare kenya and japan

independent variables is in this article there are 2 independent variable 1- is that do they have more left wing government for political cases 2 -do they have corporatism (write one paragraph about the independent variable in the article ) case

the the dependent variable is more left wing government means less pollution. so political partyes matter more than corptism (one paragraph ) out come. effect

the units in this article are countries because in this article the authors are comparing 21 different countries and making argument about case and effect (write one paragraph about the unites in the article

the article that i want you to summaries is this ONLY THIS NO OUT SIDE SOURCES PLEASE :

Neumayer, Eric. “Are left-wing party strength and corporatism good for the environment? Evidence from panel analysis of air pollution in OECD countries.” Ecological economics 45.2 (2003): 203-220.

i will give you a sample of one of my friend’s paper i want you to do the same but for my article please do the same and focus to talk about that they are comparing countries and talk about the independent varib the income and the out come which is the dependent variable.

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