assignment 1 contemporary civil rights amp civil liberties

In chapters 3 and 4, we have explored the evolution of civil liberties and civil rights in America. Our ideas of what these concepts mean change over time, as new issues and problems challenge our thinking.

For this assignment, I want you to look at contemporary areas of CONFLICT between civil rights and civil liberties. Please do the following:

(1) Define civil liberties and civil rights, then distinguish between the two types of rights.

(2) Choose an area of conflict between rights, choosing from one of these issue areas:

* Religious liberty (1st Amendment rights) vs. Civil rights [LGBT rights and/or women’s rights].

* Free Speech v. Civil Rights (particularly the issues surrounding the alt-right and the rights of racial, ethnic and religious minorities. An additional area of conflict in this regard is about such “free speech” demonstrations on college campuses.)

(3) For your chosen area of rights conflict, please identify the issues on each side, and where the conflict occurs. (please utilize at least three (3) resources provided below, and in the attached pdfs)

(4) Discuss any federal court cases that guide the balancing of rights in these tense conflicts. What is the current “last word” on the balance between civil rights and civil liberties in your area?

Religious Liberties and Civil Rights resources……

and please see the attached pdf files (the last three are on this topic)

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