assignment 1 proposal 2

Assignment Instructions

Select a world lead who has sufficient source material in English upon which to evaluate a personality profile. Some choices that you may wish to consider are: President Vladimir Putin

This is a real world professional type proposal, not an academic formatted template proposal. That is I want a straight narrative in good clear paragraphs laying out your ideas as if you were selling the idea to a publisher, boss, or just explaining it to your mom.

Lay out, in a few to several paragraphs, the leader you would like to evaluate and why, and what methods you believe you use to make your evaluation.

I would like to see your initial working bibliography as well.The difference between a reference page, works cited, or what one puts in a footnote and a bibliography is scope.The former are all sources that one has cherry-picked and decided to use in some manner directly in the paper.

The bibliography represents the total research effort, and includes corroborating sources, sources that are relevant to the topic that you perused but did not use, or other key documents relative to the overall paper that may have had any influence on your choices and your prose.While there is no magic numbers, my rule of thumb is a good paper generally will have at a 2+:1 ratio between what one has in the bibliography and what one cites in the paper.

No set limits as this is not a real world skill but graduate expectations.For a paper that will have to have some depth,just a few sources is going to be inadequate,so don’t limit yourself, but at the same time don’t pad or add fluff just to add numbers.J

Ideally, you should be keeping a working bibliography open as you research an immediately write a citation as part of your research.Then after your finish write a shortone paragraph summary or more if you wish so you can have annotation to help you when it comes time to write.

See Personality Profile below for more detail on the term paper expectation.

Personality Assessment – 30 percent

Following your introduction,and based on your proposal and feedback, develop a sufficiently detailed and supported, personality profile of your selected leader which will include at least two personality approaches covered in the class readings and discussions.The support for your choices must come from published speeches or statements by the your leadership choice, and actual events or incidents from his life – or her if you choose someone other than a male leader.

The examples may come from secondary sources, and you should have some corroboration of ideas from credible secondary sources that support your choices and your evaluation.I don’t want to read your interpretation of another’s evaluation.J

Let me iterate, avoid – as in don’t do it – using a secondary source to develop your personality choice.That is don’t look up Obama MBTI, or Putin Myers-Briggsin Google and use someone else’s analysis.There is no right or wrong answer here, per se.It is how well you support your choice that is important, not whether I or someone else may agree or disagree.But academically, being able to show occasional corroboration for key points is relevant.

Supplemental:If appropriate to your assessment, and based on that assessment predict what your leader might do, or how he might reactto a specific hypothetical situation which I will provide each student individually upon request, and based on his or choice after I read the proposal.

Alternatively, I will give you the option to select a completely different scenario.If you choose to create your own, just message me and let me know your choice so I can approve it and offer any comment if needed.J





Personality Assessment

5 percent

5 percent

30 percent

Discussion Forums

60 percent


100 percent

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