assignment 525

Question 1 (450 words):

Search for an article or case study on Merit Pay related to compensation planning.

After reading the article, write a summary addressing the following:

  • Provide an overview of the case study
  • Outline issues in the article that you thought were relevant or irrelevant. Why?
  • What would be the advantages and/or disadvantages of adopting the process described in the article? Why?
  • What would you recommend to the process discussed in the article? Why?

Question (200 words):

For this course project assignment, design the goal(s), objectives, and delivery method for your training project. Make sure your objectives follow Bloom’s taxonomy.

Develop at least 3 goals for your training. Then develop 3-5 objectives of your training for each of your goals. Remember, the objectives should:

1- Have a specific and measurable outcome.

2- Have a specific deadline.

3- Be relevant to the participants’ job.

4-Be relevant to the overall goals of the organization.

1- Example Objective: The participants of this sales training will be able to utilize 5 different closing techniques by the last day of this training.

2- Example Objective: One hundred percent of the nursing staff will perfectly implement the new kidney dialysis procedure by June 30, 20xx.

While more than one delivery method often works for a training project, pick the training method that is best suited to the tasks, objectives, and learners. Detail why you selected this delivery method.

Question 3 (few paragraphs:

*******For each of the following goals, write one lower-level objective and one higher-level objective.

Goal #1: Gain a broad perspective on the strategy and planning for human resources management today.

Goal #2: Assess the systematic model of instruction.

Goal #3: Write a Microsoft Office 2013 training for your employees.

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