assignment 605

Answer the following questions in paragraph format. Please make sure you provide detail answers. Do not copy verbatim from the textbook but please respond to the question in your own words. If you cite, please give credit by properly citing your work.

  1. How can government contracts help small business?
  2. Compare methods to secure government contracts. Explain what methods should be used in what cases.
  3. Why does government supports small businesses seeking to pursue government business?
  4. Compare the standards procurement methods used in federal acquisition.
  5. What are the consequences of the “commercial item” definition?
  6. How can prime contractor protect his business when working with subcontractor? How can subcontractor develop business when working with a prime contractor? Is it possible to find the balance of interests?
  7. Compare commercial proposal budgets with government programs one.
  8. How do government contracts ensure ethics are being upheld?

Writing Requirements

  • APA formatting.
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