assignment less than 700 words

Assignment 2 – This assignment refers to the 5 chapters in the PowerPoint and videos. Read the chapters and articles through Powerpoint (Link bellow) and watch the videos.Explain how we can analyze a global market and develop a plan to enter it. Refer to the text/articles or the videos, if needed, in writing the assignment.

The write up should not be more than 700 words

  1. Specificity and relevance with respect to the question asked-40%
  2. Understanding of concepts discussed in the text/video, and, their application-40%
  3. Organization and quality-20%

Video 9- How China Dominated he World’s Top Place (46 minutes)

How does the rise of China affect US trade competitiveness?

Video 10- China vs India – Race to the Top of the World-BBC Documentary (1 hour and 15 minutes)

From a marketing perspective, who is more likely to succeed?

Video 11- India’s Economy: The Road Ahead (12 minutes)

How will the rise of India affect the global economy and business-explain.

Video 12- Milton Friedman – Imports, Exports & Exchange Rates (14 minutes)

Video 13- Guide to currency markets (15 minutes)

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