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For all Assessments, the following general requirements hold:
(1) Assignments should be 2-3 double-spaced pages, with reasonable (12 pt.) font and reasonable (1 inch) margins.
(2) Citations to material are required; in-text citations are preferred (MLA style).
(3) Assignments should be turned into eCampus (for collection of artifacts for scoring).

GOV 2306

For this project, you will be running for office. Choose whether you would like to run for the Texas House of Representatives OR the Texas State Senate. We will be doing the project in chunks, as we cover the material in class, so tasks may be assigned out of sequence.

Assignment: Preparing to run: SLO #1

Note: Follow the prompts listed below in completing your paper.

  • Go to your current representative’s page. List the following information about the incumbent…Name, Party, Important Issues, Ideology
  • Look at the analysis of your district on this page. What does your district look like (in terms of population, age, education, employment, election results
  • What issues arise based upon the district’s demographics (this will help you think about your platform)

Your Platform, and Party Politics:

  • Know yourself. Take these surveys to identify your political leanings:

  • Summarize your political ideology and party preferences from the above surveys.
  • Given your results, and your previous district analysis research, what’s your platform? Choose at least three issue stands to develop.
  • Where do your ideas align with the party?
  • Where do your ideas diverge from the party?
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