azure coud services

You are hired as a consultant for a small size distributor of kitchen appliances. The company, Acme Kitchens, sells products on the Internet and at its retail store. The primary software used by the company is a proprietary point-of-sale (PoS) application running on a locally installed SQL server. The company maintains its own website hosted by a national hosting company.

ACME Kitchens is considering moving the PoS application and all the related customer and products data to AZURE public cloud. You are hired to advise ACME Kitchens on what specific AZURE services and deployment tools should be used for this project.

ACME management asked you to prepare a report (3-5 pages) that would address all the management’s concerns. You should research AZURE Cloud Services and respond to the following questions in your report. Your recommendations should take into account specifics of ACME Kitchens PoS application data and its uses.

  • Define Microsoft Azure Cloud Services offerings
  • What are the business benefits to ACME Kitchens by using Azure Cloud Services?
  • Describe specific scenario how Azure cloud service could be utilized to complete ACME Kitchens PoS deployment. For example, list specific tools, applications, API, deployment steps, SLAs, security considerations, etc… to get ACME Kitchens PoS application to be completely converted to and become operational on the AZURE Cloud Service platform.
  • Conclusion – summarize your recommendations for ACME Kitchens.

Include at least 2 APA formatted references supporting your recommendations.

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