based on the issue you explored in discussion 2 2 prepare a memo that lays out your social media policy advocacy campaign

Based on the issue you explored in Discussion 2.2 prepare a memo that lays out your social media policy advocacy campaign for the final Social Media Project, Create the Twitter, Facebook and any other social media channel you intend to use for the campaign.

The memo will include the following:

  • The name of your campaign–the name is the core of your topline campaign message.
  • Topline message–it should be succinct, catchy and adapt well to your Twitter handle, Facebook page name, and campaign slogan.
  • Target audiences–aside from the lawmakers the campaign ultimately seeks to persuade, and the press, who are needed for everyone’s campaign, you will need to identify your target audiences of citizens. Identify three distinct audiences for this memo. Audiences must be specific subsets of voters (like Gen X women, Hispanics over 50, Trump supporters, rural voters, or people who are interested in homelessness). They should be stakeholders in the policy you are promoting in your campaign. Knowing who you are targeting will help you craft the best messages for each of the groups targeted.
  • Supporting messages–in addition to your topline message, include deeper messages. Where the topline message must grab people emotionally, supporting messages should get deeper into the facts and logic of your policy campaign. Remember, messages should be suitable for sharing via social media (not too long or too complicated).
  • Which social media channels?–based on your target audiences, which social media channels will you use for your campaign. Facebook and Twitter are a must, but other channels will need to be justified for inclusion or omission. Be sure to explain why you chose each channel.
  • URLs for all your social media channels–these channels must be set up for your campaign with profile pictures, background image, and a few posts before you turn in this assignment.
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