be a poet 1

The purpose of this activity is to apply the information learned in this unit to writing a poem and being a poet.


  1. Choose a topic that is important to you, and write a poem about it. Here are some possible ideas, but the topic is open:
    • A trip—short, long, real, or imaginary
    • An object with special meaning
    • A person loved or lost
    • A pet
    • A dream that meant something significant to you
    • A special place
    • A funny experience that shines light on life
    • A photograph—old, new, or significant for some reason
    • A song that a poem incorporates in a meaningful way
  2. Consider the following as you craft your poem: think of your reader (thank you, Billy Collins), and also some of the tools that make us experience a poem on various levels (thank you, New Critics). Show off what you have learned about poetic elements.
  3. Embed a “big idea” or theme in your poem. In other words, it should have a point to make that is supported by the tools of poetry.
  4. Post your poem
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