There shall be one double spaced typed assignment graded on 40 points. The assignment shall be pulled from the first (pages 573 – 580) and second (pages 581 – 583), and the fifth (pages 599 – 604) chapters of SECTION ELEVEN of our main text book. 

1):Question: Questions were sent to you via blackboard. Students should make sure that they write each question and highlight it before giving their response. 2) Due Date: As specified in the course outline and in Blackboard. Completed hard copies of papers shall be submitted in class during class period. No paper shall be accepted after the due date and time. No emailing of assignments. 3) Writing Style: Only the Chicago Manual Style of writing should be used throughout the paper including footnotes. 4) Organization: The paper should include a cover page, the main text (s), and a reference page. i) Cover Page: This page should include from top to bottom the following information: Course number and title, Student’s name, student’s ID number, Question (s), Course Instructor’ name, Session, and Academic Year. See sample paper attached ii) Main text: These are essay questions and each question should include:  An engaging introduction that grabs/captivates the reader’s attention and clearly identifies and puts into perspective the major requirements of the question.  A body that clearly, thoroughly, and insightfully addresses all aspects of the assignment. Paragraphs must be introduced by solid topic sentences and developed by providing sufficient evidence and sources to support the topic sentences and/or main point of each paragraph. There should be smooth and effective transitions (using transition words and/or sentences) that link sentence to sentence, point to point, paragraph to paragraph, and one part of the paper to another. Each section or sub-section of the question must have at least four substantively developed supporting paragraphs. Do not plagiarize as the paper shall be thoroughly checked for this academic misconduct during grading.  A conclusion that ties together the arguments and themes of the entire paper. It also gives you an opportunity to make personal judgments if need be. iii) References: This page includes the sources consulted and effectively used for the paper. Such sources may include amongst others: published books and articles; films; unpublished sources; etc. These could be located in the library, online, and YouTube. Use only the Chicago style in documenting your references (footnotes and bibliography). 2 5) Mechanics: Check your paper for vocabulary consistent with course content; correct spellings, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure; appropriate formatting; run-on sentence (s); date accuracy; variety of sentence styles and length; and writing style. 6) Sources: The relevant chapters for the questions are in our main text book for this class and indicated in your course outline. You may also get published articles from the Jstor website and additional book sources in the library if you want to. This is optional


1) Discuss the efforts and challenges made by people of African descent to reconnect with Africa since the start of the 19th century (Not more than two doubled spaced typed pages) –  2 pages 

2) Explain the origins and spread of Islam within the Atlantic African Diaspora ( In not more than two doubled spaced typed pages) –  2 pages

3) Explain if and why you support or do not support reparations to African Americans for the crime of the enslavement of their ancestors( In not more than one doubled spaced typed page) –  one page 

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