boss challenge 4

New Perspectives Excel 2016 | Module 2: SAM Project 1b

Kelly’s Telemarketing

formatting workbook text and data


Open the file NP_EX16_2b_FirstLastName_1.xlsx, available for download from the SAM website.

Save the file as NP_EX16_2b_FirstLastName_2.xlsx by changing the “1” to a “2”.

oIf you do not see the .xlsx file extension in the Save As dialog box, do not type it. The program will add the file extension for you automatically.

With the file NP_EX16_2b_FirstLastName_2.xlsx still open, ensure that your first and last name is displayed in cell B6 of the Documentation sheet.

oIf cell B6 does not display your name, delete the file and download a new copy from the SAM website.


1.Kelly runs a small company that deals with telephone sales. She decided to update the workbook she uses to track her team’s compensation data in order to make the information easier to understand.

Change the theme of the workbook to Office.

2.Switch to the Weekly Compensation worksheet. Apply the Heading 1 cell style to the merged range A1:G1, and then center the text in that merged range.

3.Merge and center the range A2:G2, and then change the font size of the merged range to 14 pt.

4.Italicize the contents of the range A3:B3, change the font to Times New Roman, and then change the font color to Orange, Accent 2 (6th column, 1st row of the Theme Colors palette).

5.Format cell B3 using the Short Date (e.g., 3/13/2018) number format.

6.Use the Format Painter to copy the format from cell A6 to the range B6:G6.

7.In cell F7, create a formula that calculates the salary for Joan Dickinson. Her salary is calculated by adding her base salary (cell B7) to her total bonus (cell E7). (Hint: Do not use the SUM function.)

To calculate the salary for all of the employees, copy the formula you created and the formatting in cell F7 into the range F8:F10.

8.Kelly wants to view employees’ bonuses as a percentage of their base salary. In cell G7, enter a formula without using a function that divides Joan’s total bonus (cell E7) by her base salary (cell B7).

Copy the formula and the formatting in cell G7 into the range G8:G10.

9.Change the fill color of the ranges F8:G8 and F10:G10 to Blue, Accent 5, Lighter 80% (9th column, 2nd row of the Theme Colors palette).

10.To quickly see which employees received three or more bonuses, use the Highlight Cells Rules conditional formatting to format cells in the range C7:C10 with a value greater than 3 using Light Red Fill with Dark Red Text.

11.In cell A11, increase the indent of the cell contents twice.

12.Kelly would like to know the average bonus multiplier for the employees. In cell C11, create a formula using the AVERAGE function to find the average bonus multiplier (C7:C10).

Copy the formula from cell C11 into the range D11:G11 to find the average bonus rate, total bonus, total salaries, and bonus percentage for the team.

13.In the range D7:F11, apply the Currency number format with zero decimal places and $ as the symbol.

14.In the range G7:G11, apply the Percentage number format with one decimal place.

15.For the merged range A20:A30, rotate the cell contents to 0 degrees.

16.Find and replace all instances of the text “Salaries” with Salary. (Hint: You should find and replace two instances.)

17.Kelly plans to print the worksheet to review with her team.

Change the page orientation to Landscape, and then set the margins to Wide.

18.She wants the table and the chart to appear on separate pages when printed. Select cell A13, and then insert a page break.

19.Set rows 1-3 as print titles. (Hint: Rows 1-3 should repeat at the top of each printed page of the worksheet.)

20.Create a custom footer for the worksheet. In the left footer section, display the current Page Number using a Header and Footer element. In the center footer section, display the Sheet Name using a Header and Footer element.

Switch back to Normal View if necessary.

Your workbook should look like the Final Figure on the following page. Save your changes, close the workbook, and then exit Excel. Follow the directions on the SAM website to submit your completed project

I’ll give my username and password to my school website to make things easier

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