briefly explain the importance of either maintaining follow on supplies

This discusses post disaster supply chains. Assume that your pre- and intra-disaster supply chain is established and now the main activities are winding down. Briefly explain the importance of maintaining “follow on” supplies.

I want at least three paragraphs about importance of maintaining “follow on” supplies.

this an example from my classmate:

After the pre- and intra-disaster supply chain has been established and the main activities are starting to wind down, we would be entering the next phase which involves establishing sustainable medium- and long-term development actions. The importance of the follow on is basically realizing the gaps between this short-term relief and long term developmental programs (recovery), so that the transition becomes smoother.

Maintaining follow on supplies mainly involves including organizations that were involved primarily in short term relief and allowing them to expand into the long-term perspective of humanitarian aid. As some donors may be willing to fund either only during response or start funding once recovery commences, funding during the follow on or transition period may be fragmented. The lack of funding flexibility may be particularly concerning as people may not receive the necessary support during that period. But if enough attention is paid to it, then supply continuity will be maintained.

Another point to keep in mind is while the process of winding down is taking place, responders and personnel need to brief the incoming personnel who would now be responsible for the next phase of disaster management. That is, they would be responsible for literally maintaining and evaluating the supplies during this transition period. At this point local people from the affected community can be recruited to provide aid and services for a more successful transition. Maintaining follow on supplies also includes maintaining information flow and data sharing related to the supplies.

Hinds, R. (2015). Relationship between humanitarian and development aid. study commissioned by the Danish Development Cooperation], Helpdesk Research Report

you can use this reference if you want .

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