business process management 5

  1. Who is responsible for maintaining the standards for the Business Process Modeling Notation?

Question 2

  1. ___ objects are the building blocks of processes in BPMN

Question 3

  1. Organization aspects are represented by ____ in BPMN

Question 4

  1. The main purpose of ____ object artifacts is documentation of the process.

Question 5

  1. ____ flow is used to specify the ordering of flow objects

Question 6

  1. What are the three event types in the BPMN standard?

Question 7

  1. A ___ event will trigger an activity based on a specific date or cycle.

Question 8

  1. In BPMN, subprocesses can either be expanded or collapsed.

Question 9

  1. In BPMN, a subprocess that is marked ____ consists of a set of tasks that are not related to each other by sequence flow.

Question 10

  1. An ____ cycle is a point where one or more activities can be executed repeatedly.

Question 11

  1. __________ flow is created by intermediate events attached to the boundary of an activity.

Question 12

  1. Gateways in BPMN can be considered as data-based or ___-based.
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