calculate hospital measures healthcare statistics 1

In order to complete many of the statistic assignments using Excel, you will need to install Microsoft’s Analysis Toolpak Add-In to your Excel software. If you need assistance installing this Add-In, click the help button in your Excel software and search for “Analysis Toolpak” or search the Internet for resources using “Excel Analysis Toolpak” as your search terms.

General Hospital has 102 beds from January thru June. In July thru the end of the year, the hospital increased their bed count to 125. Download this Excel data file and complete the assignment.

  1. Create formulas in Microsoft Excel to perform the following calculations:
    1. Calculate the percentage of occupancy for each month.
    2. Calculate the percentage of occupancy for each quarter (January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December).
    3. Calculate the percentage of occupancy for the year.
  2. Use Excel to create a graphic display (chart/graph) to present this data to hospital management.
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