can someone help me with this quiz

please kindly read the pdf that i send but here are the questions.

You can open the quiz only once.

  • No makeup exam is given, unless you have a dire medical condition on the day of the exam, and you provide an official documentation.
  • You may open the exam only once, so it is important that you start your exam with a secure internet connection, with all the materials ready at hand for reference.
  • Never take your exam on your cell phone.
  • The time limit is 90 minutes.
  • Midterm will be a mixture of multiple choices and short answers. Many students in the past say the time limit is quite tight. Many questions come from the lecture videos. I indicated these items with a “V” next to them.
  • Read the plagiarism rules posted on Module 0 again. Do not cut and paste from an online source. It will give you zero on the entire exam.


  • Successful students in the past always prepared their own study guide, by writing down a couple of sentences that explain each item listed below, in their own words. This way, you can cut and paste some parts of your study guide into the answer box, and that will save you a lot of time (this is why it is important to write things down in your own words, without committing plagiarism).
  • If you have any unclear items, write up what you think it is, and email it to me for feedback. Remember, it is always encouraged to ask questions or for help in this class!!
  • Do a study session with your teammates. Now you know how to start a discussion board on your group homepage, you can:

–Quiz each other on terms

–Make mock questions so that everyone can try writing up practice answers

–Create a group study guide, by dividing up the entire study guide into chunks to work on for everyone.


  1. Suicide statistics and patterns in suicide rates (from the table we discussed for the first assignment). Who are most and least likely to commit suicide? Which race? Which age? Which gender? What are other observable patterns?
  2. Durkheim’s findings on suicide rates across various social groups, such as Catholics, Protestants, males and females, educated and uneducated, etc.
  3. Egoistic and altruistic suicide, anomie, and anomic suicide (relate one of these suicide types to Teenage Wasteland). Be extra careful with the definition of anomic suicide.V Do not go by the internet definition of “moral confusion”–this will make it confusing with egoistic suicide. Go by the definition given in the lecture video.
  4. Teenage Wasteland article
  5. You will be given at least two questions that ask you to apply the suicide concepts to an actual case, and explain your rationale.

[Social Capital]

  1. Bonding and bridging social capital, definitions, differences
  2. Private and public benefits of social capital. What are the differences?
  3. Examples of private and public benefits.
  4. Low/high bridging and bonding quadrants (from the lecture video). What does a place look like?
  5. Specific and generalized reciprocity; which one matters more to the community? Why?
  6. Social capital distribution on the U.S. map
  7. Social capital correlation tables from the lecture video. What do they show?

[From the textbook Introduction to Sociology]


  • Social construction–what kind of idea is it?
  • Socialization
  • Get the main arguments from each of the following theorist: Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Max Weber, Harriet Martineau, and W.E.B. Du Bois
  • Main sociological theories: Functionalism, conflict theory, and Symbolic Interactionism

Chapter 6

  • Social aggregate
  • Social category
  • Primary groups and secondary groups
  • In-groups and out-groups
  • Reference groups
  • Dyad and Triad: differences
  • Bureaucracy–what kind of institution is it?
  • The importance of informal relations within formal institutions
  • Control within modern institutions
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