can someone log into my class and complete my psyc 301 social psyc quiz

Ill give my login if someone agrees, the time limit is 2 1/2 hours. There’s 1 short essay question and 1 short question at the end. The rest are multiple choice. I’ll provide more info if needed. I received a 45% on my last exam, so anything higher than that would help. Lol

(From the teacher)

Please answer all questions. Make sure to pace yourself well and do not spend all your time looking up information or your time will be up. This exam is a reflection of the “upper level” nature of this course and this will be the only time you will be tested on this material.

Needless to say, please work on your own and do NOT risk plagiarizing or cheating! Tell me what you know and finish on time. Do not look up extra information for the essay and short answer (all info necessary is in the text readings). Make sure not to take direct quotes and to paraphrase if you take anything out of the text; formal citing is not needed, just say “according to the text…”.

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