can you write a humanities paper from the book called culture and values a survey of the humanities

Module 3 Exam – Essay

Due: Apr 6, 2018 at 11:30 PM

A comprehensive exam with both objective and essay questions over Chapters 7 and 9. Remember that your Independent Reading for Chapter 8 means that I do not include any questions in the test about that chapter. That grade is weighted so heavily because it is not included in the test.
Students will take the objective portion of the exam in the Testing Center by the deadline posted on the calendar. The essay will be submitted here through the Assignments Tool.
Essay Directions: Address two of the three questions below in a specific and detailed paragraph of at least 6 – 8 meaningful sentences. All responses must be college-level in style and content.
NOTE: These questions require discipline-specific information to be answered accurately. Only the textbook may be used as a source. Any information taken from the text MUST be PROPERLY documented to receive ANY credit.
1. One feature of the Carolingian period was the central place of monasticism. Why was monasticism exceptionally suited to a time when there was little urban life? Be specific and detailed.
2. What basic problem is the subject of Consolation of Philosophy? What is the solution, according to Lady Philosophy? Be specific and detailed.
3. Describe the Legacy of Charlemagne. Include any literature that may have been about Charlemagne, what he contributed to the Carolingian Renaissance, and finally, conclude by answering whether you think he was a good or bad ruler? Explain your response in detail. Be specific and detailed.

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