case manager responsibilities

1.Name one of the case management responsibilities described in Chapter 1 that is highlighted in the CASSP document. Discuss the importance of that responsibility and the importance of providing child-centered and family focused case management services.

2.What ethical considerations covered in Chapter 2 do you feel apply to the case management responsibility you presented? Briefly describe why you chose this particular ethical consideration and how you think case managers might manage this.

3.Which of the ethical areas covered in Chapter 2 do you feel would be most challenging for you in your professional role as a case manager? Why did you choose this particular area?

Here is the link to view CASSP document ( Make sure that you review the CASSP Principles, CASSP Referral packet and CASSP brochure.

Here’s the link for the code of ethics: (… )

This is a discussion board post which only requires, 250 words! The name of the book is Fundamentals of Case Management Practice: Skills for the Human Services

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