case study 462

CASE STUDY 11a: Your Department’s Staff Meeting (10 points)

There are 15 people in your department at City Hospital. It has been your practice to hold a weekly staff meeting at 3:00 PM each Wednesday. Rather, we should say that you attempt to hold it at 3:00 PM because about half of your people are more than five minutes late, and a couple of them are usually late by 15 minutes or more. One of these late-late comers can always be counted on to ask, “What have I missed?”

You have made repeated announcements about being there on time, but to no avail. Come Wednesday at 3:00 PM you usually find yourself and the same six or seven punctual attendees present and waiting for the latecomers.


Without immediately resorting to disciplinary action (which should always be the last resort), what can you do to improve punctuality in attending your staff meetings?

CASE STUDY 11b: The Generalized Quality Problem (10 points)

You are supervisor of the central transcription service at City Hospital. Your group includes several transcriptionists who handle all the dictation from laboratory and radiology and the typing for several department managers as well as all medical record transcription.

You are in the habit of holding a brief informational meeting with your staff early each month. At your June meeting you felt obliged to point out that quality was slipping and that errors were on the increase and that more care had to be taken with transcription. (Straight typographical errors, such as misspelled words, had dropped to a minimum thanks to automatic spell-checking programs, but omissions and errors in word choice seemed to have increased.)

At your July meeting you made the following statement: “The overall quality of transcription has not improved at all over the past month; if anything, it has gotten even worse. I expect all of you to begin improving your work quality immediately.”

It is now almost time for your August meeting. In your estimation, transcription quality has not improved in the slightest. It is your feeling that as many as half of your employees are contributing to the problem, but you have yet to identify all the offenders by name.


1. Should you address this continuing problem with the group at large at your August meeting? Why, or why not?

2. Should you do some research aimed at identifying the more troublesome employees and address their quality problems at the August meeting? Why, or why not?

3. How would you suggest mobilizing your transcription group to address the quality problem and recommend solutions?

Responses to each case should range between 150-200 words for a total word count range of 300-400 words

For full credit, you must cite at least one page in our textbook or other reference material FOR EACH CASE. Use APA style citations please.

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