For this Discussion, review this week’s media piece, “Case Study: Technology.” Assume the role of the superintendent in the case, and consider how you would manage the tragic event.

Go to the Grand City Community Link:

Click into Grand City Public High School and review the following scenario: Case Study: Technology & Cyberbullying

Case Study: Cyberbullying

Assuming the role of the superintendent, you must respond to a crisis situation involving cyberbullying and the suicide of a student. As the superintendent, you just learned that a 15-year old gifted, yet socially awkward, girl committed suicide in her home. You also have just learned that this student was the victim of cyberbullying through a social media site and text messages between this girl and several other students. The media would like to interview you in response to this situation. The media asks:

  • How could the school have let something like this happen?
  • What is the school’s position on this event?
  • What policies and procedures will you put in place to prevent such a tragedy from happening in the future?
  • What disciplinary actions will the students who engaged in the cyberbullying face? What conversations have you had with the parents of these students?
  • What conversations have you had with the parents of those not involved but are concerned about their child’s safety in light of the incident?
  • How will you address the rest of the student body to help them feel safe?

Post your response to the media. Write your response as if you are speaking directly to the media.

Note: The instructor is very strict with APA 6th edition formatting. Please use correct APA formatting and proper reference and citation formatting. If you are not sure please google how to correctly format your references. Do not forget to list your references and you must include the in-text citations. Also please use current (meaning within the past 2 years) scholarly journal articles as references. Thanks.

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