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Requesting a Research Topic Discussion Board (click here to post)

Requesting a Research Topic

Choose a tradition of spirituality with communities where you live. You will learn more, and perform better on this assignment, if you do not research your own tradition of spirituality.

Each must choose a different tradition on which to report, so do not duplicate the requests of your classmates who have posted before you.

Insert the name of the tradition you want to study in the subject line of your post.

The text of your topic request must have three parts:

  • A request for a specific faith tradition: for example, Reform Judaism, not simplyJudaism (earn one point).
  • The name of at least one local congregation and something about it: for example: There are two Presbyterian Churches in my area. First Presbyterian Church with 488 members established in 1910 and Sea Island Presbyterian Church with 731 members established in 1985 (earn two points).
  • Documentation from Mircea Eliade and Lindsay Jones (eds), Encyclopedia of Religion (2005). For example: Melton, J. Gordon, “Scientology.” Encyclopedia of Religion, edited by Lindsay Jones, 2nd ed., vol. 12, Macmillan Reference USA, 2005, pp. 8192-8194.


  • Go to New Library Services Platform on ASU site
  • Search the ASU Library Catalogue for Encyclopedia of Religion, Lindsay Jones
  • Choose online access
  • In the box at the top of the screen, search within the publication for your tradition. For example: There are some 60 articles which deal with Quakers in the Encyclopedia of Religion. Use one or two to document your topic request.
  • In the box to the right of the resultssearch within the results for the information you need on each slide on your report. For example, there are 2 articles which deal with the writings Quakers use to interpret the Bible (Slide #3), and 6 articles which deal with the migration of Quakers from England (Slide #4).
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