Choose your expatriate situation, including the city & country to which you will be sending this person. Submit a one paragraph summary of what you intend to do for this paper.

The employee you have chosen to send on this overseas assignment will be going with a spouse and two school age children for a specified period of time (usually somewhere between 18 and 36 months) to a specific city in a specific country.

You will need to mention that when you create your expatriate orientation packet you will be including both general information about the particular city and country you have chosen (e.g., currency, exchange rate, language, schools, taxes, political structure, climate, etc.) and specific HR information (e.g., compensation package, relocation allowances, spousal/family assistance, cultural and/or language training, benefits, tax offsets, etc.). 

You will also need to include in your final packet information as to business etiquette and how business is done in your city.

Here are some examples in these attachments. Just write the summary like the first page of these examples. You cannot choose the same companies in the examples, you should choose the different companies.

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