collect data and write paper

Write paper 3 pages for Demographics and Target market of Tesla move in China (1.5 pg atleast for each part)… example of Uber enter chile include Target Market part in link below but in demographics part in example too short you need to put more than 1.5 pg atleast,, use more number to make paper more accurate and convince.

Demographics and Target Market Definition: Define the target market and make a profile of the customers of the company. The target market definition of a company begins with segmentation. If the market is segmented then elaborate the basis for segmentation and define each segment and its characteristics. If the company does not have segmented markets then investigate and determine if segmentation is possible.(My professor said main target is premium segment so please focus more about it than another segment)

Collect data for Table 1 and use it for the purpose. Based on this data write paper

Most of the data for the project can be obtained from various secondary sources including Global Market Information Database (GMID), Census Bureau, Globaledge (Michigan State University), The World Bank, United Nations, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Heritage Foundation, Freedom House, Transparency International, IBIS World, LexisNexis, Wharton Research Services, etc.

Any website for any data in table have to cite in References and if use any data in paper must cite in-text citation carefully if not it doesnt meet a requirement. ( Demographic part MUST include Chart and cite it too)

Table 1

Demographics and Target Market Definition








Population: National Estimates at Jan. 1st, mn

Households in US$ mn

Urban households as % to total

Household size-Occupants per household

Percentage of households with an Annual Disposable Income over US$5,000 (???)

Annual Disposable Income per household

Average Annual Income of Households with a Disposable Income over US$5,000 (???)

Consumer Expenditure on your product, US$ mn

GDP Measured at Purchasing Power Parity, US$ mn

Per capita PPP GDP

Life Expectancy at Birth in years

Adult Literacy Rate % of population- aged 15+

Savings Ratio

Financial Cards in Circulation

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