communicating in business 2

For your scenario answer the following questions:

1.If you were in charge of the company’s social media, how you address the issue presented?

2.Determine which type of social media (Facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, blog, youtube channel,) would benefit the company the most.

3.Write an example of the type of social media you chose. Use the examples in chapters 5 pg160-164 and 6 pgs 174-186 as good guides for concise language and sentence structure (DO not stress about this part of the assignment, this is meant to start creative juices flowing for business communication, not to cause stress).

Scenario One:

A brick and mortar big box store is trying to find the best way reach new employees. They have not been very active in social media, in fact, their attempts at social media have backfired due to poorly written tweets and facebook posts from current and previous employees. They have recently undergone a large reorganization and are trying to rebuild their reputation. Employees have never been happier and are staying in their positions and being promoted more than anytime in the past.

I want to do around 350 words.

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