comparative advantage 1

After our discussions in class this week about comparative advantage, you should be starting to understand the principle of comparative advantage and what factors contribute to comparative advantage. You may have also started to hear more in the media about the United States’ ability to concentrate in advanced manufacturing. When you consider that more than 68% of students in the US enroll in college after high school, it would seem that our education levels would support a move from traditional forms of manufacturing to more advanced forms. One of the many issues of concern is addressed in the following article from the American Journal of Transportation about a growing resurgence of textile manufacturing in the United States. Please also consider the following Sixty Minutes feature on How an Economic Developer is Bringing Factory Jobs Back to Mississippi. Is this trend likely to continue? What issues may affect the trend? Will an increase in advanced manufacturing be the best use of US sources of comparative advantage? Is the solution to remedy slow economic growth? You may have many other questions to consider here, and I am sure you have plenty of opinions. This is your opportunity to discuss this timely issue. Remember to reply to the last post you read; don’t start a new thread. I look forward to hearing (reading) what you have to say.

Read these then answer the questions, only answer half page long.……

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