Directions: Choose 1 of the following 3 topics and write a complete essay, on a separate piece of paper, using Comparison/Contrast as your main pattern of development.  Be sure that it is a complete essay. 

1.  Write an essay on “Passing Exams” for first-year college students, contrasting the right and wrong ways to prepare for and take exams.  Your approach may be either serious or humorous.

2.  Your old high school has invited you back to make a speech before an audience of seniors.  The topic will be “how to choose the college that is right for you.”  Write your speech (essay) in the form of a comparison-contrast analysis.  Focus on the choices available (two-year versus four-year schools, large versus small, local versus faraway, and so on), showing the advantages and/or disadvantages of each.

3.  As a store manager, you decide to write a memo (essay) to all sales personnel explaining how to keep customers happy.  Compare and/or contrast the needs and shopping habits of several different consumer groups (by age, spending ability, gender, etc…), and show how to make each group comfortable with your store. 

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